August 2017

Strengths of Franchising

When you’re thinking about opening your own business, there is a monumental checklist of things to consider. The plethora of options out there may seem overwhelming and maybe even confusing, but one lower-risk option to take under advisement is buying a franchise. A franchise is a company you buy from a franchisor who gives you … Continued

How to Turn Your Business into a Franchise

A great way to realize business growth while at the same time minimizing the costs associated with expanding into additional locations going it alone is through franchising. When you franchise your small business, you are – in essence – lending your business model, brand name, and operation strategies to another entrepreneur in exchange for an initial franchise … Continued

Franchising Versus Traditional Business

The American dream is won or lost on the grounds of entrepreneurship. It is the idea that each and every U.S. citizen has an equal opportunity to achieve financial success through hard work, initiative, and determination. Whether you decide to invest in a franchise business or create your own independent startup (or traditional business), you’re … Continued