September 2017

How To Identify Your Small Business Target Audience

Identifying your small business’s target audience is critical to the success of your business. Large businesses can get away with marketing something to everyone, but small businesses will falter. You will decrease your chances of success if you try to be everything to everyone, or even a little something to a lot of someones. By … Continued

What is Your Target Market?

The success of every small business-a franchise or independent start-up-is dependent on attracting customers. We all know a killer product or service is important, but where’s the point in selling the best handmade soaps in your area, if no one is buying them? How do you attract customers? The simple answer is marketing. Specifically marketing … Continued

Franchise Research

Franchises are everywhere. If you’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s, rented a car from Hertz, or stayed at a Marriott, you’ve encountered a franchise. The International Franchise Association (IFA) succinctly describes franchising as, “a method for expanding a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship.” Knowing you want to buy a franchise is … Continued

Is Franchising Right for Me?

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Small Business Encyclopedia defines franchising as “A continuing relationship in which a franchisor provides a licensed privilege to the franchisee to do business and offers assistance in organizing, training, merchandising, marketing and managing in return for a monetary consideration. Franchising is a form of business by which the owner (franchisor) of a product, … Continued