Be Your Own Boss

How to Keep Your Phone Ringing

  The American Marketing Association (AMA) writes that marketing is “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Good marketing is all the above, at the minimal effort level. Good marketing produces business but limits you on how … Continued

Time Management Tips

  Everyone deals with time management problems at some point in their life. Whether you’ve suddenly found yourself procrastinating every challenging task you’re confronted with, or you’re missing important appointments due to lack of available time in your day, time management is vital for maintaining your small business and staying on track toward your company’s … Continued

Signs you’re ready to start your own business

New ventures are fraught with stress, worry and the risk of failure. When you start your own business, you are risking everything; success is thrilling, and failure is devastating. Everyone daydreams about starting their own business occasionally, but it takes more than a dream to succeed in a new venture. Success requires desire coupled with … Continued

How to Keep Motivated running your own Business

The initial thrills of opening your small business or buying a franchise can be intoxicating and highly motivational, especially if your first days are a success. But what happens when those thrills begin to wane? When the stress and monotony of your day-to-day work and personal life eat away at your motivation and confidence in … Continued

Is technology hurting your business?

  We are living in the age of technology, and most of the time it is great both in our personal lives and in the business world. Technology is making leaps and bounds and advances often occur, improving our lives in so many ways. The unfortunate side effect of this progress is that technology becomes … Continued

Build a family business

Family businesses, as fantastic as they sound, are exceedingly difficult to run and sustain. They require long hours, intense dedication and extensive planning. But if you are successful, you will leave your descendants with a sustainable business and source of income that they can grow further in each generation. The majority of multi-generational businesses fail … Continued

Workplace conflict resolution

  Workplace conflict has varying definitions as well as different effects on the entire office. Work-related disagreements are normal and even healthy. Productive teams are those whose members are comfortable enough to disagree with each other. Disagreements can lead to change and new ideas and can spur the team or office on to newer and … Continued

How To Identify Your Small Business Target Audience

Identifying your small business’s target audience is critical to the success of your business. Large businesses can get away with marketing something to everyone, but small businesses will falter. You will decrease your chances of success if you try to be everything to everyone, or even a little something to a lot of someones. By … Continued

What is Your Target Market?

The success of every small business-a franchise or independent start-up-is dependent on attracting customers. We all know a killer product or service is important, but where’s the point in selling the best handmade soaps in your area, if no one is buying them? How do you attract customers? The simple answer is marketing. Specifically marketing … Continued