Frequently Asked Questions

How does AdvantaClean determine how big a territory is?

AdvantaClean gathers demographic information and then designates specific zip codes to form a territory based on total population, number of single family dwellings and median income levels, among other factors.  AdvantaClean territories are large, nearly three times that of any of our competitors. Territories are approximately 200,000-250,000 population, contain 100,000 households and are protected.

Yes, we have been on the Franchise Registry for years.

This varies by state and county. Consult with your state and county officials to determine what licensing requirements exist, if any.

No problem, we’re going to teach you all you need to know. In fact, 90% of AdvantaClean franchisees have no prior experience or background in this line of work.  We seek motivated individuals who possess a strong drive to succeed, outstanding leadership skills and the ability to build an organization. This opportunity is about leveraging our systems and infrastructure to scale and build a multi-truck business.  Owners are typically not doing the work, you will hire staff to perform the day-to-day production.

That’s because the market is so large!!! So large that companies that don’t even provide quality service or answer their phones can succeed. AdvantaClean leverages the professional training of its owners to build a quality brand name, offer a best-in-class customer experience with our national call center, and utilize the powerful business systems to quickly build market share.

You are required to purchase your initial equipment and vehicle package from us and through our 3rd party suppliers.  We have both single-unit and multi-unit predetermined packages to give you everything need to start performing all four primary services starting day-one.  Ongoing, you have the ability to continue to buy through AdvantaClean and our approved vendors or you may buy through any local approved vendors you wish to.

Investing in a business is a way for you to control your own destiny, dictate the return and enjoy the rewards business ownership affords. Advantaclean offers a few different investment options with differing costs.  Our minimum criteria to be considered for the franchise is $50,000 liquid capital (non-borrowed), $175,000 net worth and a FICO credit score of at least 680.  Your Franchise Development Manager will help you formulate your budget and outline the investment details.

Yes, we offer single unit franchises and multi-unit options for qualified buyers.  AdvantaClean currently offers 2 and 3 territory options offered under a multi-unit addendum.

You complete a three-week training program at the home office in North Carolina. In your market, you will complete a professional certification program along with the Sandler sales training program. Franchise owners also receive business coaching and also are supported through peer-to-peer communication tools as well as attend our annual convention where ideas, learning and fun are all combined into one great event.

ServPro and PuroClean are restoration companies that rely on insurance companies to feed them business. It is all emergency work, requires more overhead and are lower margin services they perform. AdvantaClean has an expanded service line that focus on lighter end services including water damage cleanup, mold removal, and air duct and dryer vent cleaning, and HVAC Coil Restoration services. We are not focused on or relying on insurance companies to provide our work. In fact the only insurance based service is water damage. All other services are non-insurance based typically and scheduled services vs. the emergency services of heavy fire, water and disaster response the insurance restoration companies rely on. AdvantaClean franchisees do not typically perform fire and reconstruction or remodeling services and instead subcontract or simply refer out to companies that do that type of work.

No, insurance is purchased on an individual basis.

Averages on financial performance are provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in Item 19. Other information regarding earning potential and expenses is gathered from conversations with franchisees at the appropriate time in our process.  Download our franchise kit and you’ll receive additional financial performance information.

Yes, AdvantaClean offers large, protected territories.  Meaning, you own the zip codes associated with your territory and AdvantaClean cannot award another franchise within that area.

…and you will, especially early on! Call our technical support personnel anytime that can answer any questions from residential to large-scale, commercial and institutional projects. We support with estimating, equipment, staffing, and project management as needed so you feel confident you can get the job done, no matter how big or small.

No.  However, AdvantaClean franchisees simply refer or subcontract reconstruction/remodeling work to general contractors, remodelers or handymen.

AdvantaClean has proven growth strategies to help you determine what infrastructure is needed at different levels of revenue, so you scale profitably! Typically, two people per service unit (vehicle) is needed.