Marketing Best Practices for Contractors

Given today’s economic environment, it’s crucial for contractors to focus on specific areas in order to ensure brand survival. What’s more is that when it comes to marketing best practices for contractors, you need to keep in mind that the digital evolution isn’t on its way – it’s already here, radically changing the way marketing opportunities are approached and received.

Marketing Best Practices: Online Marketing 

Online marketing has become a major part of marketing programs for many contractors; and keeping your website fresh and interesting is key when it comes to attracting new customers.

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Website Fresh:

  1. Today’s customer expects fresh content and a dynamic user experience when they visit your website. Inspiring customer confidence with an up-to-date website that’s refreshed every two to three years is key.
  2. Times are changing – and with it, so is technology, especially when it comes to digital mediums. To accommodate this technology shift, your website should be consistent across the board, whether that’s on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or wearable device.
  3. Smooth, logical navigation can make or break the marketing of new products and services. Avoid playing a game of “hide-and-seek” with your customers when it comes to content by eliminating unused features, formatting pages with easily recognizable hierarchies, and strategically designing and placing headers and subheaders to provide an easy-to-follow experience.
  4. Consider hiring a professional. Professional designers pay special attention to things like colors, fonts, imagery, and tone, working hard to create advertisements and select photos that best fit into your overall design and brand strategy.
  5. Help your customers help you by giving them a reason to visit your website. Invest in a dynamic content management system (CMS) that encourages frequent updates and fresh content to make sure your content is engaging and applicable.
  6. Engage your customers with relevant content specific to their interests, keeping in mind that when it comes to content, more is not always better … sometimes more is just more.
  7. High-ranking websites are ones rich in content, not just keywords and meta data. Develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to keep your website optimized for search engines, making sure you don’t fade away into the distance.
  8. With counterfeit sites and phishing attack scams on the rise, it’s important to keep identity theft and fraud sharks at bay by investing in security, helping to ensure that customer data remains private and secure.
  9. Are you part of the conversation? The use of current, updated social media can add value to your website, and is a great way to share what customers and prospective customers and members are saying about you.
  10. Your website is one of the most important parts of your ecommerce and customer self-sufficiency strategy. To ensure its longevity, consistently monitor your customers’ usage and behavior, using this data to regularly make improvements.

Marketing Best Practices: Networking

During a recent interview with Inc. Magazine, David Alpert, President of Continuum Marketing Group LLC (a full-service marketing firm that provides services to remodeling contractors nationwide), shares his thoughts on marketing best practices for contractors. 

Marketing Best Practices: Optimizing

To be viable, you must be visible. LinkedIn is one of the most trusted sources of information that affects consumer decision-making, and can serve as an essential building block for your social media presence and overall public appearance.

Top 7 Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Your profile says everything about you so make sure you get everything in about you and your contracting business. If you don’t have a complete online profile, what does that say about you being able to complete a job?
  2. Everyone loves photos so make sure the photo or company logo you put up is a high-quality image that properly represents you in the most professional manner. Be sure to upload photos from previous work sites and jobs to showcase your skill even more.
  3. Connect with other industry professionals. It’s called social media for a reason, so be social! Doing so allows your page to attract more contractor leads. Network with your peers and engage in conversations about your industry.
  4. Joining professional niche groups is a great way to share ideas and converse with like-minded professionals. You can gather great ideas and incorporate them into your own contracting company.
  5. Craft your content towards people who you want to engage with. Be the voice they want to hear and assert yourself as an expert.
  6. Content doesn’t always have to come directly from you. Asking for recommendations and endorsements are very common on LinkedIn.
  7. Asking ex-colleagues and clients for endorsements and recommendations will do your company wonders. The more endorsements you have on your profile, the higher you will rank when someone searches for that exact word.