Our Difference

The AdvantaClean Advantage…

What sets AdvantaClean apart from other franchises?

If business ownership is your dream, an AdvantaClean franchise can turn it into a reality. In our growing industry, AdvantaClean stands apart with many unique advantages that can help franchise owners succeed. Take a closer look at what makes us different, and you’ll see why AdvantaClean is an incredible franchise ownership opportunity:


Rooted in a strong set of corporate values, we have established a culture at AdvantaClean that is all about teamwork.  When you become an AdvantaClean Franchisee, you join a dedicated family. Every day, the home office and franchisees are engaged with one another. We’re a service-oriented business; so by nature, AdvantaClean Nation is people-focused.

This is true not only of our external customer relationships, but of our own network as well. Franchisees are not competing with one another, instead they work together in business development and share equipment and employees when needed. There’s a true desire to help one another within the system because everyone started out the exact same way.

We take pride in running the business with honesty and integrity and award franchises to Franchise owners with the same traits. After all, we hope to be partnered together for the long term.



AdvantaClean has built its business and culture on being involved in our communities and doing everything we can to provide safe, clean, healthy and efficient environments for both homes and businesses. The AdvantaClean network is 100% committed to making a difference in people’s lives.

At our core are our company values…
Community, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Service

AdvantaClean and St. Jude

AdvantaClean is proud to be a strategic partner of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital working to help the world understand, treat and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. As one of only 65 national strategic partners, AdvantaClean fights childhood cancer with the likes of Best Buy, American Airlines, AutoZone, Dominos, and Kmart.

The AdvantaClean Foundation

Since the beginning, AdvantaClean and its employees made it a practice to step up and help those who need of their services, regardless of financial status. Our CEO, Jeff Dudan created the AdvantaClean Foundation with the mission to help those who need it the most to have a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to live and work.

The AdvantaClean Foundation exists to demonstrate AdvantaClean’s corporate commitment to the well-being of people in our communities. Our owners step up and give back to their local communities by volunteering their time and expertise to making the ultimate difference in the lives of those who need it most.


Executive Leadership

Our leadership is dedicated to aggressively growing the AdvantaClean brand nationally by adding new highly-engaged franchisees each year, helping our existing franchisees grow wildly successful businesses by leveraging technology and partnerships to streamline operations and costs, and by creating a best-in-class customer experience through marketing and national branding.