Converting or Expanding Your Business

Do you already own your own Business?

We have great respect for your entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work you do each and every day. Your entrepreneurial attributes are what may make you a good fit as an AdvantaClean franchisee. AdvantaClean takes pride in the fact that many of our franchisees have been independent business owners. We know it takes a unique skillset, dedication to customer service, and complete determination to build a successful business and sustain it. We understand how much time you put into every part of your business, from doing the actual work to marketing to equipment maintenance to payroll. There is so much to do!

What if we had a way to take your existing business, and combine it with a system that builds you up and helps you grow your business? AdvantaClean can help you grow your business by giving you the tools you need to increase your profitability and expand.

Business owners that have purchased an AdvantaClean Franchise have noted the following benefits and resources have helped them:


  • A Unique Business Opportunity – Our service mix spans four multi-billion-dollar industries, providing multiple sources of revenue.
  • National Call Center– Imagine having a team dedicated to answering phone calls, responding to leads and scheduling appointments for you. Our phones are answered 24/7/365—ensuring you don’t miss an opportunity!
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support Including:

Referral Partner Generation Assistance
Website Creation and Optimization and Management
Public Relations
Branding/Marketing Collateral

  • Ongoing training and support – AdvantaClean University prepares you for all aspects of operations including finances, recruiting, hiring and employee retention.
  • A Dedicated Franchise Coach – To coach you in your business.
  • Dedicated Support Line- Get the help you need, when you need it.
  • Annual Conventions with Workshops – Learn from the corporate team, vendors and a chance to network with fellow franchisees.
  • Proprietary operating system.


Think about maintaining the independence and control of your business while gaining the security of being part of a larger, national company. Picture what you do every day, and then picture it a little smoother, so you can expand and grow your business.

Imagine having the opportunity to work ON your business, not IN it.