Is technology hurting your business?

Is Technology hurting your business


We are living in the age of technology, and most of the time it is great both in our personal lives and in the business world. Technology is making leaps and bounds and advances often occur, improving our lives in so many ways. The unfortunate side effect of this progress is that technology becomes outdated within a few short months to a year after purchase. If you are trying to keep your business up to date with the technological times, always growing outdated hurts your business and eats into your profits.

Purchasing new technology for your business is a risk, and needs careful planning. Before you buy innovative technology, conduct thorough research. Go to your employees and inquire about the difficulties they face in their day-to-day work. Take their answers, look to the technology you wish to buy and ask yourself how it will meet your employee’s needs and increase efficiency and productivity. If your current system is working, and the new system doesn’t meet needs better, don’t buy it. If it seems like a good fit, take the risk. You never want to stagnate with technology. You always need to take some risk, or you chance to stay too far in the technological past, which slows the business down and limits growth and profits.

Other tips on preventing technology from hurting your business include:

  • Stay a generation behind. Think about when tech-giants release new cell phones. They sound great but can be riddled with bugs, like the Galaxy Note 7, which frequently caught on fire. Buying the latest and greatest generation for each of your employees not only costs more but opens you to all the kinks that haven’t been worked out yet. When a new generation comes out, the one behind it is typically discounted and generally, includes most of the same notable features as the next generation. If you wait to buy the newest advances, you can save a significant amount of money, and protect your employees from suffering through glitches.
  • Technology can impair productivity. Sometimes the best technology comes with the most distractions. You may find your employees are too distracted by alerts and dings and banners on their screens to pay attention to the task at hand. Some technology ruins focus and can even increase anxiety. Consider the idea that simpler is better.
  • New technology affects your relationships. Too many advances in a short amount of time confuse customers and quickly creates negative customer experiences. They also affect your employees. New technology is something new they have to learn, and without proper training, they will become just as confused as your customers, and maybe even resentful toward management for inflicting this upon them. Find a healthy balance between advances and staying where you are.
  • Thorough training is a must. Every employee from management down needs to understand the technology before it is officially implemented. As stated above, too little training effects employee morale and relationships with management. Without a proper introduction to what is starting and why, confusion and distraction reign, which eat into productivity. Prepare every employee for the new technology and put a stopper to frustration.

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