Making homes and buildings clean, safe, healthy and efficient…

The rise and adoption of technology by insurance companies over the years has resulted in extensive changes to how restoration business is won, fulfilled, and administered.  Navigating this industry and finding a way for franchise owners to win in the face of these changes has required us to take a fresh look and contemporary approach to solving these issues.

Our combination of 4 innovative service lines inherently preserve and restore homes and businesses. AdvantaClean’s services solve problems typically not covered by insurance— mold removal and remediation, moisture control solutions, HVAC cleaning services, as well as water damage mitigation.



Service Residential and Commercial Clients

AdvantaClean provides service to both residential and commercial clients– providing services that make homes and businesses clean, safe, healthy and efficient. As an AdvantaClean franchisee, you will be in your local community performing quality work and delivering a best-in-class level of customer service. Happy customers turn into tremendous referral resources when they have family members, friends or colleagues who experience issues we can resolve.


Since our inception, we’ve secured contracts with very well-known businesses and government agencies. We have completed thousands of projects at government facilities, hospitals, retail stores and manufacturing facilities across the country, giving you many endorsements and testimonials to point to when seeking out new customers. Moreover, the AdvantaClean support system allows collaboration for business development. We are here to support you in any way!


Spanning 4 different Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

With more than 22 years in business, we’ve perfected our business model. Our services span four multi-billion-dollar industries, providing multiple revenue streams to build and grow your business.

  • Restoration Industry – $210 Billion
  • Environmental Services Industry – $500 Billion
  • Indoor Air Quality Industry – $5.6 Billion – 80% surge by 2020 according to a forecast from Navigant Research
  • HVAC Maintenance-  $83 Billion / Energy Efficiency Industry – $56 Billion