Solving Problems in Homes and Buildings since 1994first-van-home-office

AdvantaClean was founded in Winter Park, Florida in 1994 in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. Originally, AdvantaClean operated as a traditional restoration contractor, focused on water damage, fire damage, disaster response and reconstruction.

While the company was highly successful operating as an insurance restoration contractor, we realized there was an opportunity to develop the franchise business differently. In an effort to eliminate the challenges faced with operating an all-emergency business reliant mostly on insurance work, we decided to focus the business on lighter end services that are not as technical in nature and mostly scheduled vs. emergency work.

As a result, franchisees get a streamlined business that is less technical, making it easier to learn and easier to find people to do the work. This streamlined model provides franchisees with higher margins, less headaches, which at the end of the day provides a better quality of life.

In addition to a creating advantages for the franchise owner, the product and service offerings were constructed in a different way to make them complimentary, logical, high margin, and durable for relevance in the marketplace for the future. The high engagement and mix of offerings create the opportunity for continuous improvement, long term unit revenue growth, and the ability manage to a predictable profit.

AdvantaClean perpetuates, a value based culture where respect, resolution, growth, learning, and servant leadership are fundamental to the way we interact with one another, and our customers.

We celebrated our 23-year anniversary in 2017. By attracting great people to the vision and values of AdvantaClean, and retaining the right people for great tenure, we have not only overcome these moments of adversity, we have morphed from a contractor, to a unique, successful, fast growing and award winning franchise offering.


AdvantaClean’s Low-overhead Franchise Brand Takes Off

In 2008, the AdvantaClean low-overhead business and franchise model was made available to the general public. By the end of 2015, more than 100 franchise owners were operating in over 225 territories nationwide. Our support infrastructure has grown commensurately, with a keen focus on franchise unit economics, market performance, and franchisee retention and satisfaction.

Today, the AdvantaClean Nation continues to grow, ensuring homes and buildings across America are clean, healthy, safe and energy efficient.