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AdvantaClean is a high-margin, recession-resistant business with enormous profit potential

The No. 1 question from entrepreneurs considering an investment opportunity is, “How much money can I make?” At AdvantaClean, we believe that financial success ought to be the most important concern of our franchisees, and we have developed a business model to help our franchisees thrive and prosper over the long term.

In our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, we offer a transparent look at how well our franchisees are performing in their businesses. We surveyed 26 franchisees to measure their level of profitability for a full year in business, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results.

Our top performing franchisee grossed $3,033,639 in annual revenues, and on average, our top-third performing franchisees grossed $825,756 in annual revenues for a full year in business.

The high level of profitability our franchise owners experience is the result of our proven business model

For a low-cost investment, AdvantaClean offers a business model that successfully leverages four, $1 billion industries that are recession-resistant, offer high margins and meaningfully impact people’s lives by making homes and properties safe to inhabit again. With over 200 locations open across the country, entrepreneurs are choosing to invest in AdvantaClean because it is easy to run, easy to scale up to multi-unit ownership and because the demand for our services is only increasing.

To see how well AdvantaClean franchisees perform in their businesses, consider this breakdown from Item 19 of the FDD.  This table represents the Gross Revenue achieved by the Reporting Franchisees during the measurement period broken down by High, Average Top 1/3, Average Middle 1/3, Average Bottom 1/3, Low and Median.

High $3,033,639
Average of the Top 1/3 of Franchisees (25) $825,756
Average of the Middle 1/3 of Franchisees (26) $335,677
Average of the Bottom 1/3 of Franchisees (26) $185,420
Low $470,208
# Franchisees 26
MEDIAN $658,630

Ready to invest in an AdvantaClean franchise?

With the total investment to open an AdvantaClean franchise ranging from $99,650 to $231,500, AdvantaClean is an affordable investment opportunity with strong profit potential. With low ongoing costs, a small staff and a clear plan to help you become quickly established in business, AdvantaClean offers a potentially faster return on investment than other brands in the restoration industry.

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