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AdvantaClean offers an industry-leading support platform designed to help you find lasting success

Franchising with AdvantaClean is the decision to go into business with the full support of a national, industry-leading brand behind you. AdvantaClean is solely focused on the success of our franchisees, and the support infrastructure we have invested in to help our franchisees thrive and prosper over the long term is one of the most comprehensive in the entire franchising industry.

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Our proven business model has helped dozens of entrepreneurs with no experience in water damage and mold remediation become meaningful leaders in their communities and owners of growing, profitable businesses. From the moment the franchise agreement is signed, AdvantaClean franchisees become a part of our family for life, and we work together to ensure that they have the resources, knowledge, and skill set necessary to succeed.

“The level of support that we offer franchisees is a reflection of our values,” says Jeff Dudan, CEO and founder of AdvantaClean. “Our franchisees invest real time, sweat and money to join our brand, and after 20 years in business, we have invested significantly in the support infrastructure to ensure that our franchisees are successful. We’re far different from other franchise systems in this regard because we’re extremely involved from day one, and we continue to be extremely involved going forward.”

AdvantaClean franchise helps you become quickly established in business

As soon as you sign your franchise agreement, we get started very quickly. We will provide you a 90-Day Success Plan that helps keep you organized and focused and ensures that by the time you’re ready to open, you will be entirely confident in your abilities as a leader, how to sell our services, perform our services with expertise and begin to grow your referral network and customer base.

One of the most critical aspects of your 90-Day Success Plan® is attending the intensive, 15-day training session at our state-of-the-art facility in Huntersville, North Carolina. At training, you will learn everything you need to know to become an expert in your business. Our facility includes a live, role-playing scenario that helps you to identify the problems your customers will be experiencing correctly, how to solve those problems with our technology, and how to manage the customer experience in the field. Additionally, you will learn how to market our services at the local level, complete necessary industry certifications and more.

Our 90-Day Success Plan® emphasizes financial awareness, and we work with you to develop a business plan and set goals to help you maximize your level of profitability.

“We’re very focused on ensuring that our franchisees are profitable,” says Matt Phillips, President of AdvantaClean. “We’re very careful about advising our franchisees about exactly what to do. Our 90-Day Success Plan® focuses on how to operate a business successfully, and this primarily focuses on how to manage cash flow, how to create a business plan and how to set goals that the franchisee is accountable for. We have a whole team in place, from our coaches in the field to our home office, that is there to help franchisees become profitable and win business as quickly as possible.”

AdvantaClean offers robust ongoing support in all aspects of your business

One of the biggest positives in franchising with AdvantaClean is the number of ways our team works to support you long after you’ve established yourself in your business.

The AdvantaClean call center is a prime example of how we work on your behalf to keep your payroll costs low by taking over the duties and responsibilities of an office manager. The team at our call center is highly trained and highly educated. They work to manage every customer interaction — from the initial request for services all the way through to the follow-up call ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the quality of completed work.

This is a massive advantage for our franchisees, as it takes away the stress related to managing customer relationships. Our call center is also open 24/7, which means that if a sudden disaster does occur, your customers will hear a sympathetic voice to guide them through the process of what to do before your team arrives at their residence. Our call center staff will also schedule your services, easing the burden of managing the day-to-day activities of being an owner. Most importantly, our call center team converts customer inquiries into actual jobs. Last year, our call center took 220,000 calls on behalf of our franchisees from all across the country.

“We act as 24/7 support for franchise owners across the nation,” says Hillary Robinson, Director of Call Center Operations with AdvantaClean. “We provide pricing for our services, we schedule appointments, and we can speak to the value of AdvantaClean services with authority, which often turns into jobs. We serve as the local office for franchise owners, which means that they do not have to hire an office staff, nor do they have to manage customer interactions and field requests from customers. We help our franchisees focus on what they’re good at, which is growing their businesses and managing their crews.”

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Another tremendous advantage in franchising with AdvantaClean is our extensive marketing support. We recognize that our franchisees are not marketing experts, and so we not only guide our franchisees concerning how to market locally, we work as their marketing agency to help them win customers by increasing their online presence.

“We completely take away all the ongoing stress that franchisees experience in having to market their businesses,” Phillips says. “Unlike a lot of other franchisors, we’re a full-service marketing agency inside these walls. We handle every aspect of marketing that cannot be done at the local level. We create a marketing budget for them, and then implement a strategy based on our experience of what actually works. From a digital marketing perspective, we handle their paid search, we handle Search Engine Optimization, we create their websites, we create videos for them that we optimize, and then we also have graphic designers who create marketing materials from scratch, or customize existing materials to make sense in their market.

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