What Are my Startup Costs & Fees?

Getting into Business is Easier than You May Think

AdvantaClean is an affordable investment opportunity
with high profit potential in the home remediation industry

Owning a business is a life-changing decision. AdvantaClean has empowered dozens of entrepreneurs to realize their full potential as business owners who provide a valuable and necessary service to their communities. While the $210 billion restoration industry is widely praised as recession-resistant, our executive team has established an industry-leading business model that is far more comprehensive and forward-looking than other restoration concepts.

ADvantaClean home remediation franchise

For a $49,000 franchise fee, entrepreneurs get access to a proven business model with robust ongoing support, a professional call center that helps you win business, marketing team, operations team, training and field coaches, as well as high-margin revenue streams and the ability to scale up to multi-unit ownership very quickly. We will work with you so that your AdvantaClean franchise becomes the leading, most professional restoration business in your community and support you on your path to lasting success as a business owner.

The total investment to open an AdvantaClean franchise ranges from $99,650 to $231,500. AdvantaClean also supports the military and their families by offering a 20 percent discount (not to exceed $10,000) of the initial franchise fee for veterans who qualify to own an AdvantaClean franchise.

What about financing?

To make the investment even more affordable for new franchisees, AdvantaClean has relationships with a number of third-party financial institutions that may be able to help you with financing.

For a deeper understanding of the costs and fees associated with investing in an AdvantaClean franchise, please review Item 7 from our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document:

Type of Expenditure Amount Method of Payment Time of Payment To Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee $49,000 Lump Sum Upon execution of Franchise Agreement Us
Supplies, Equipment and Inventory Packages $9,000 - $45,000 As Arranged Prior to Start of Training Us
Vehicle Purchase and Upfit Package $0 - $50,000 As Arranged Prior to Start of Training Approve Vendor
Real Estate and Security Deposits $1,500 - $5,000 Lump Sum At the signing of the lease Landlord
Technology Systems Package $0 - $3,000 As Incurred Prior to Start of Training Vendors
Local Advertising $2,500 - $5,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
Travel for Initial Training $250 - $4,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
Insurance Deposits $1,500 - $5,000 As Incurred As Incurred Insurance Companies
Licenses and Certifications $3,000 - $5,000 As Incurred As Incurred Us / Government Agencies and/or Vendors
Legal and Accounting Fees $500 - $2,000 As Incurred As Incurred Attorney and Accountant
Office Equipment, Furniture and Supplies $400 - $1,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
Opening Assistance Fee $7,500 As Arranged Prior to Start of Training Us
Additional Funds - 3 months $25,000 - $50,000 As Incurred As Incurred Vendors
TOTAL $99,650 - $231,500

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