What is Special About Our Culture?

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AdvantaClean franchisees are meaningful members of their community

A business cannot thrive for 20 years without a culture that fosters collaboration, transparency and community engagement. AdvantaClean is proud to say that our culture drives everything that we do, and it continues to inspire our entire franchise network to deliver the best possible service for our customers.

AdvantaClean franchisees enjoy the special culture of the company

AdvantaClean has framed our culture around our values, and the franchisees live and breathe our motto, C.A.R.E.S., which is a continuous reminder of the qualities we aspire to as a brand that helps people when they need it most:


We make a difference in the community one person, family, friend or neighbor at a time.


We do more than is expected, by our own choice, and our own will.


We treat others as we would like to be treated.


We set high standards and rise to them.


We meet others’ needs with a servant’s heart.

“Our culture demands that we treat our customers with empathy, love and affection,” says Matt Phillips, President of AdvantaClean. “Our culture also ensures that our franchisees are meaningful members of their communities. Our franchisees are extremely charitable, and they have a passion for helping people. We ask our franchisees to be a fixture in their community, and they have the ability to put their arm around their customers and help them. We don’t see our customers as a number, and if we did, we wouldn’t be successful. We see them as people going through something incredibly emotional.”

The charitable nature of AdvantaClean franchisees is evident in how much pro bono work our franchisees perform for people in need.

AdvantaClean franchisees work with the call center to schedule appointments

“The AdvantaClean franchisees perform work for people who cannot afford our services,” Phillips continues. “It’s a tremendous ask, on our part, but they willingly deliver. It only helps us in the end, as we want our franchisees to recognize that they have the ability to deeply impact people’s lives and to be seen as leaders in their communities. Their continued charity inspires us in our home office and makes us proud to see our core values reflected in how we do business.”

AdvantaClean is also a proud national partner of St. Jude, the extremely effective cancer hospital for children, and we have raised and donated thousands of dollars to the cause over the years.

“Your true values are what you tolerate,” says Jeff Dudan, CEO, and founder of AdvantaClean. “Culture is an organization’s memory — it’s what’s built into the stories that make up your brand. We have people who have been with us for 20 years, who wake up every day excited to help our franchisees because they have built this brand. Our franchisees reflect our values in how they run their business, how they listen to their customers, and how they empathize and relate to their stories. Our franchisees are doing life-changing work for their customers, and their ability to give back is a reflection of who we are.”

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